The Demon Deep in Oklahoma

Katie Heaton lives with her older brother, Wes, in their remote childhood home that sits in the middle of nowhere in a small town in Southeastern Oklahoma. Trapped inside the four walls full of bad memories and sadness, the two siblings do all they know how to preserve the peace and quiet, but brace themselves for what is inevitably to come. One day Tommy, an old friend visiting Wes, arrives for an overnight stay. Secrets come out, suspicion is raised, passion ignites and all hell breaks loose. On this one dark night, three lives intertwine in a way that changes them forever as they battle the demon that lives deep in Oklahoma.

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Cast & Crew

Shannon Beeby (Katie) – Growing up on the Gulf Coast in Pensacola, Florida, and persuading the neighborhood kids to partake in weeks long improvised dramas, Shannon knew from a very young age that her calling was to “play make believe”. After graduating with a BFA in Acting from the Conservatory of the University of Central Florida, she honed in on her attraction to film and moved to Brooklyn with her fellow actor husband, Ryan. Shannon has been a part of numerous short films screened at festivals internationally, and takes great joy in the collaborative and communal experience of film-making. Shannon studies dance, and loves improvised composition – aka. ” Let Go, and let it Flow!!”

Carter Burch (Tommy) – “the most daring, patient, relentlessly consistent, unforgivable bad ass actor you will ever work with….or regretfully reject,” is how Carter Burch wants to be known in his trade. He joyfully committed to this project for one, and only one, true reason, that reason being he saw his own determined soul when looking into the eyes of another. Trust, Dare, Love and Freedom are what bleed beyond this mid-western boy’s bones. Thank you to those who’ve given love & support since way back when in NY! Enjoy the show!

Lance R. Marshall (Wes) – Creativity is just as important to the life of Lance as food or water. It feeds him in a way that nothing else can. It has shaped Lance’s life starting in his childhood where he spent numerous hours a day on a trampoline acting out his favorite cartoons and movies with is own new creative twist added to them. Then continuing on into his adult life where he performed in countless plays at theaters in Texas and New York and later switching gears to films. Lance thrives off the energy he gets from working with other creative talent, like the dynamic team for ‘The Demon Deep in Oklahoma’.

Lance R. Marshall – Director/Writer
Aidan Schultz-Meyer – Director of Photography
Oscar Redman – Editor
Collen Doyle – Gaffer
Humberto Guzman – Still Photography
Bernard Zeiger – Best Boy Grip
Erminia Stramandinoli – Head of Makeup Dept
Doris Moore – Wardrobe
James Oxford – Executive Producer
Ashton Martini – Producer
Ryan Jones – Producer
La Mancha Films – Producer

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Festival Screenings & Awards

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Writer/Director’s Statement

It’s the same every time I write. Characters talk, I listen. Katie whispered in my ear first. Then slowly, but surely Wes began to open up. Tommy finished loud and clear. These three beautiful and dynamic characters were the captains of this ship as they set sail in the sea of my mind and this story quickly became anchored in my soul. I love them. I love what they told me. I love where they came from. I love where they went.

This story intrigued me because it deals with three controversial issues that are addictive to me – psychology, spirituality and love. The mind is…for a lack of better words…mind blowing. It’s so complex that it often can’t be explained. Can’t be unlocked. Can’t be restored. There is no end to what a person can accept as the truth, no matter how far fetched the story may seem to the outside world. No matter how unrealistic it seems to those looking in, it’s the only reality they know, therefore becoming just that…their reality.

It has always amazed me how spirituality can either have a lasting positive or negative effect on a person, depending on how the hands teaching the lesson use their power to sculpt the mind of the student. The roots of negative spiritual teachings are sometimes so deeply rooted in who we are as people, that no amount of weed killer or truth, which ever you prefer, can rip them away from the crippling effect they have on their victims.

The lengths a person will go to protect someone they love can be surprising. There are no boundaries. There is no mountain too tall to climb. No river too wide to swim. They are so determined to be the hero, the savior, the protector that they sometimes, just sometimes, cross the line into being a crutch for the problem, rather than the solution. Or quite possibly, they are so determined that they don’t see they are the problem.

Katie and Wes and Tommy are beautiful, threatening and powerful in this story. Take their journey. You might be amazed at what you think once the credits roll. What will be the truth your mind unlocks about this mystery?

– Lance R. Marshall

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