Mickey The Leaf

Mickey goes to a special place to deal with the aftermath of a traumatic event that has changed him forever.

Cast & Crew

Lance R. Marshall – Mickey

Directed by Martin Melnick
Written by Lance R. Marshall

Produced by James Oxford
Director of Photography – Bernard Zeiger
Music – Justin Marshall Elias
Sound Recording – Bobb Barito
Sound Design – Jake Stein
Editor – Martin Melnick

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Director’s Statement

“After meeting writer/director Lance Marshall and Producer James Oxford at a film festival in Portland, we began talking about a future collaboration. Lance brought me a script that he was passionate about. It tackled an incredibly important, and rarely discussed issue plaguing our Military service. Sexual assault in a hyper-masculine culture, one conditioned to be ‘infallible,’ is a tragedy which needs to be engaged.

When I first read Lance’s script, I was moved. It broke my heart. On the page, I felt like he managed to have a personal conversation about the issue, without judgement, without any declarative solution. Just an earnest connection to the plight of his character. He asked questions of him and his experience, and it drove me to ask questions too. So I flew to meet Lance and James in New York, where we could dive deeper into the soul of Mickey. And together explore the burdens of gender roles, identity, and the dynamics of power and control. I wanted the visual elements and sound elements of the film to capture the emotional weight of Lance’s words, and be as true to Mickey’s confession as possible. I am both proud of and devastated by the story we were able to create.” -Martin Melnick

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