Compelling and truthful storytelling shared through an unconventional voice, shining a light on the beautifully complex human experience.

Our award winning short films ‘The Demon Deep in Oklahoma’ and ‘The Taking of Ezra Bodine’ now available on Amazon Prime and Vimeo on Demand.  Our latest short film, ‘Mickey the Leaf‘ now in festivals.


James E. Oxford


James does not consider himself an artist, but he enjoys being surrounded by talented people. Whether its actors, writers or photographers, he appreciates and recognizes their artistic abilities. With an extensive business background, he uses his knowledge to help bring their art to life. “I am so motivated by their passion for creating, and am excited to be a part of that process and to use my experience to help it manifest itself on screen.”

Lance R. Marshall


Lance thinks outside of the box. He excels when taking artistic risks as an actor/writer/director that makes an impact on an audience. He responds well to others who don’t ‘play it safe.’ Those who thrive on being completely creative. Those who tell the story through a different lense or unique angle. He got his start in theatre and then switched gears to film and has recently shifted again, becoming a writer/actor/director of his own projects. He loves collaboration with all artists and hopes to assemble a company of like minded artist who want to break the mold of film, television, theatre and web series. “Let’s do this.”

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